Sailing and Iceboating with MotionX-GPS

Using MotionX-GPS on the iPhone 3G is a great way to look at your sailing races between each race and at the end of the day.  This past weekend two MotionX-GPS user’s sent us their tracks and a few photos.  They both use the AquaPac to keep their phones dry all day.  Jen has been using MotionX-GPS on her 29er sailing skiff and Daniel on his DN Class iceboat.  Daniel says, “I love seeing how fast I went for each race and try to increase my average speed around the race course for each race.  MotionX-GPS allows me to compare my results from one race to the next.
It is perfect!”


The DN start

Daniel’s track viewed in Google Maps

Jen’s Race number 6 over the weekend.
compass2 skiffrace6

Jens’ Track viewed in Google Maps

Downwind going very fast!