MotionX-GPS tracks a 40 Mile Downwind Sailing Race

The Race: 40 miles downwind on the Columbia River from Cascade Locks, Oregon to The Dalles, Oregon.
It is a 40 mile West to East course in an area of typically strong prevailing Westerlies.
This year the wind was 20-40 knots! More about the Double Damned Race

Morgan and his team used MotionX-GPS on his Moore 24 sailboat to track the race. It took the them 3 hours and 50 minutes to finish the race for an average speed of 10.44 knots. View their track in Google Maps

This sequence of pictures shows the boat throwing huge spray and then submerging, followed by a near wipe out. They saved the boat from capsizing but as you can see below, their competition was not so lucky.

Morgan and his team blasting along the Columbia River:
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Their track in Google Earth. Mount Hood visible on the top right.

The competition wiping out: