Philippe Kahn to Speak at Future Connected Cars Event

Fireside chat will examine links between the Connected Car and the Quantified Self

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 9th, 2016) Fullpower announced today that Philippe Kahn will be participating in a fireside chat on May 12th at 9:30am as part of The Future Connected Cars USA event. Led by Roger Lanctot, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics, the fireside chat will focus on “Examining the Connected Car – Implications of Consumer Attitudes to Data Privacy.” Manuela Papadopol, Director of Global Marketing at Elektrobit, will also participate.

Philippe will discuss that while driving is part of what we do, like exercise and sleep it is essentially a sedentary “sitting is the new smoking” activity that needs to be balanced out. Any driving or commuting adds a sedentary element to our lifestyles, and the quantified self (IoT) helps us to look at the whole picture. Philippe will also cover extreme versions of this that can have unintended consequences.

“Connected cars are exciting and fun,” said Philippe Kahn, CEO and founder of Fullpower, the creative team behind the Sleeptracker® IoT Smartbed technology platform and the MotionX® Wearable Technology platform. “Self driving cars have a bright future and touch many parts of our lives.”

The Future Connected Cars USA event takes place May 10th-12th at the Santa Clara Exhibition Center and is co-located with Internet of Things World. Learn more at

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