Martin Edström – Journalist, award-winning documentary writer and travel photographer

Tannery in Fes

Tannery in Fes


Using MotionX-GPS to enhance photography and documentaries


Martin Edström is a young journalist and an already internationally renowned and award-winning documentary and travel photographer, voted winner of the ‘People of the World’ category in the International Travel Photographer of the Year awards 2009.


The MotionX team caught up with him this week in Morocco on his latest journey.


Man in the Kasbah of Rabat  -  Mint tea of Morocco

Man in the Kasbah of Rabat – Mint tea of Morocco


MotionX: We’ve seen some amazing photography and short blog posts during your journey through Morocco. What is your main objective while you’re in Morocco?
Martin: I’m looking for those little things that make up the essence of Morocco, hoping to capture it in images and in my reportage texts. Traveling with my friend and colleague Alfred Runow as well as with a group of other travellers, I’m seeing bits of everything. We’ve been covering much of the country, from the salt beaches of the coastal areas to the sand dunes of the Sahara – and have met many interesting peope while doing so. The end result will be available in a couple of international travel magazines.


MotionX: Can you tell us how you are using MotionX-GPS on your journey to Morocco?
Martin: I’ve basically taken MotionX-GPS into the very core gear in my travel pack – and we use it for everything. It’s the best way to bring a map; downloading all the area maps before leaving Sweden, I’ve got detailed maps of Morocco in my pocket. This means you don’t have to stop on streetcorners or on the road, as you’ve got instant confirmation of your location all the time. And if you need to find your way somewhere – just set up a waypoint for it, and follow the map.


MotionX: How does MotionX-GPS help you in your journalism and photography endeavors?
Martin: It’s a great way to catalogue my trips – which is ever more important when you’re doing reportages and need to be precise in your texts and image captions. With the GPS tracks from MotionX we can backtrack the whole trip from back home. Also, editors and online magazines get the unique opportunity to publish maps of the exact route we traveled.


MotionX: How do you like the new Broadcast Position feature in MotionX-GPS v15.0?
Martin: It is a great way to help followers track me and my team, but also a great way for the team to track each other on site. I can’t wait to put this in use while working in say, Marrakech – where we are right now, and be able to see where my teammates and colleagues are in real-time as we split up in the city.


MotionX: Where in the world will your next adventure take you?
Martin: I may be back here quite soon, as we’ve begun looking into arrangements for crossing the Sahara from Morocco to Mauritania. Otherwise I’ve got Brasil, Corsica and India planned for 2011.


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Marrakech to Rabat with MotionX-GPS

Photographs from across Morocco

Mosque of Hassan II - just outside Casablanca

Mosque of Hassan II – just outside Casablanca

Travelers entering the Sahara near Erg Chebbi

Travelers entering the Sahara near Erg Chebbi

The stars over Ait Ben Haddou

The stars over Ait Ben Haddou

Women at Place el Hédime, Meknés

Women at Place el Hédime, Meknés

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