MotionX-GPS: African Journey

2012-07-30 01.40.51 Africa 2012


Last month Robert and his family spent three weeks in Africa using MotionX-GPS every step of the way to track, navigate and share their adventure.


The following is Robert’s account and description of how he used MotionX-GPS.


“I recently spent three weeks in Africa with family (mostly in Botswana and Namibia) and your MotionX-GPS app was indispensable in both helping us navigate real-time and in reviewing out tracks in Google Earth once the trip was over. We always knew where we were thanks to MotionX. It kept track of our every move for the whole three weeks. The great thing is that it can do this even when you have just a GPS signal but no data (which is just about all the time). It tracked our movements on an empty grey grid, but when I had WiFi, it filled in the map! I exported the KML files and loaded them into Google Earth for a complete record of everywhere we went. Thanks for making such a useful app affordable.”


Robert made a video of their adventure showing their tracks and photos.


Africa-1-s Africa-2-s