MotionX-GPS Drive named “Best iPhone 5 App for Drivers”

by Total Car Score


MotionX-GPS Drive


LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Total Car Score (, the most comprehensive automotive ranking and comparison website, today released its list of the Top 5 iPhone Driving Apps in anticipation of the release of the new iPhone 5.


“With the release of the iPhone 5, drivers will have an excellent selection of useful and fun driving aids,” said Karl Brauer, Editor in Chief of Total Car Score. “Beyond the new iPhone 5’s larger display screen and excellent native apps, these are our favorite driving-related apps. All of the apps in the list, with the exception of MotionX® GPS, are free in the App Store.”


1. Navigation/Traffic:
MotionX-GPS is able to pull destination points from your contact list or the Internet and provides live traffic, turn-by-turn navigation, up-to-date maps and search, Facebook Places and Wikipedia integration. It is optimized for portrait and landscape viewing to accommodate various docking systems. The editorial team at Total Car Score expects the iPhone’s new built-in Maps app, debuting in the new iPhone 5, will enhance integrated iPhone navigation apps like MotionX-GPS.



Are traffic updates as you drive your number one priority? Currently, the Waze app uses feedback from other iPhone owners to share local driving conditions, setting the benchmark for apps in this category. We’re happy to report Apple® is integrating the Waze technology, along with TomTom® and Yelp® information, into the native Maps app for the iPhone 5.


2. Safe Driving:
With more and more drivers having access to smart phones, safety while driving has become a growing concern. The™ app is the top pick for helping drivers be safer behind the wheel. The app reads text messages and emails out loud in real time. It also works hands free, so there’s no need to touch the phone while driving.


“The iPhone 5 will debut with safe driving features,” said Brauer. “Without even downloading an app on your new iPhone 5, you’ll be able to utilize the new ‘ignore, screen, or answer’ feature to drive more safely. You can also set a time or location-based callback reminder before even getting in your car. The ‘do not disturb’ feature sends calls straight to voicemail or lets some calls in that you’ve identified from your contact list (like your spouse, kids or boss), thus minimizing the number of potential driving distractions.”


3. Music:
Music is an absolute must when driving, and Pandora, SlackerRadio and now Spotify are Total Car Score’s favorites, depending on which Total Car Score staffer you ask. All three of these music service providers have created effective music apps, and they always optimize their software interface and features for a new Apple product shortly after Apple launches it. Users should expect an updated version of these apps once the iPhone 5 is available. If you prefer “reading” instead of listening to music, Audible is Total Car Score’s favorite audio books app.


4. Location Searches:
Yelp has been a favorite app for location-based searches and, as mentioned above, the Total Car Score team anticipates it will offer even better integration with the iPhone 5’s native Maps app. Siri, Apple’s built-in personal assistant, also helps find nearby restaurants, gas stations, public bathrooms and even movie theaters, all via voice commands that let drivers stay focused on the road.


5. Gas Prices:
GasBuddy is often touted as being the best app in this category, and the Total Car Score team agrees. No other gas-saving app has surpassed it. The app finds the lowest priced gas stations in the nearby area, saving a few dollars on gas each fill up.


Total Car Score has also compiled a list of the Top 10 Driving Apps for Android users.


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