Fullpower Awarded Key Patents for Wearable Technology

By Darryl K. Taft at www.eweek.com


Fullpower Technologies, a provider of technology for wearable computing devices, announced it has been awarded key patents covering wearable technology, sensor fusion, and motion processors.


The patent for invention number 8,568,310 outlines “a method of using a motion sensor and a location-based sensor together to perform sensor fusion, enabling activity identification,” according to the patent description. This patent supplements the Fullpower patent portfolio for the MotionX X24 Sensor-Fusion processor technology, which includes patents such as US Patents 8,187,182, 7,647,195, 7,970,586, and 8,320,578 among others.


“As inventors and innovators we believe in the US patent system to protect our inventions such as the MotionX X24 Sensor-Fusion processor,” said Philippe Kahn, founder and CEO of Fullpower, in a statement. “The MotionX X24 Technology Platform leads the wearable paradigm shift with a broad IP portfolio and the best algorithm for sleep, activity and location tracking.”


Meanwhile, the patent for invention number 8,187,182 – issued in January 2013 — outlines a method and apparatus using sensor fusion for accurate activity identification, and the patent for invention number 7,705,723 outlines a method and apparatus to provide outbreak notifications based on historical location data. Leveraged together, a device containing multiple sensors to collect patient-state information, geospatial data, and other sensor data may be used to calculate information about the active state of the user that is more accurate than would be possible using standalone sensors. This data may in turn be used to issue accurate and effective outbreak notifications, Fullpower officials said.


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